Beauty is not meant to slip by unnoticed; it should rather be captured and remembered. Not only by the mind, but through the medium of photography.

Using the tools of artistry, innovation and ultimate perfection, Alesya Kornetskaya captures beauty and fashion shots that are simply unforgettable.

Russian-born, Alesya began her photographic career in 2008, while residing in the seaport city of Kaliningrad. Right from the start, she thrived on the connection between her and a model to create sublime and glamorous beauty series. However, it was in the bustling city of Montreal where her career took off. She is now fulfilling her goals by excelling in the photographic world of fashion and beauty.

Alesya Kornetskaya strives to showcase the realm of beauty and fashion photography by pushing her creativity to its full capacity, while always in search of new techniques and approaches.

Alesya’s work not only portrays ceaseless determination and out of the box thinking process, but inspiration. The pure charm, elegance and delicacy exuding from a model take Alesya’s imagination to new heights and provide photos that will not be forgotten.